Aldi have done it again!

My comparison and review posts always seem to be popular on my blog, such as my Aldi Hot Cloth Cleanser, Pink Clay cleanser and Lancôme foundation reviews.

I wondered how long it would take until Aldi duped another big name product, and it is no other than (what I can only presume is) the Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay perfume.

They know what they’re doing and I don’t know how they get away with it! Regardless, it is of the same quality: simple, elegant and understated. The glass bottle exudes just as much quality as Jo Malone, along with recyclable packaging.

I actually bought some Jo Malone fragrances a few years ago, but ended up reselling them as I felt so guilty about how much I’d spent on two 30ml bottles. I want to think that they were around the £40 mark each, but now they retail for £52?!

Fast forward a few years later and Aldi has saved the pennies in my purse once more!

£5.99 for 100ml. Yep, an absolute steal compared to the original’s listing of £102 (cough). And I don’t even feel bad about using more than 1-2 pumps and using it as a room spray as well.

Buying expensive doesn’t always mean better – it’s the same with food, clothes, and many other consumerist goods. Yes, you may get the better experience with buying it, but you end up using it the same. Jo Malone site sells it much better – well done marketing team.

Whilst I was in Aldi, I had to enforce strict restraint from getting the White Company dupes as well – I can confirm, they also smell identical!

They do so many dupes, including L’Oreal haircare, suncream, makeup brands (Maybelline, Benefit, L’Oreal, Urban Decay), Olay, Liz Earle, Simple, Smashbox, Aussie, Tresemme, GlamGlow, Pixi, The White Company, Molton Brown, La Prairie! I’m sure you can tell me anything I’ve missed…

You just have to be in the right store at the right time. That’s the miracle middle aisle – I literally came away with a dog bed (I was looking for one, honest!)

For genuine fragrance fanatics, these are the notes based on Jo Malone site


Bay leaves

Cedarwood (this in any fragrance, I’m sold!)


    1. I totally agree – I bought a bottle of the Blackberry and Bay today and am blown away by the quality and class – you have to shop around wherever you are but this was definitely the purchase of the week!


  1. Very impressed with aldi dupes, I have tried both blackberry and bay and pomegranate and they are exactly the same as jo malone. The fragrance lasts all day and the price is incredible!!


  2. Well I actually have the blackberry and bay perfume by Jo Malone. I really wanted to get the Aldi one as it’s much more affordable then £110 per 100ml. It just smells nothing alike to me. The bay smell is way to strong not a subtle hint like the original. I’m not saying the Aldi version is bad or horrible smelling. It’s nice, but if you are used to the Jo Malone version you’ll not be impressed with them calling it a dupe.


    1. Hey Lauren! Thanks for taking the time to comment:) I had the Jo Malone one a few years ago and think the Aldi smells just the same. Interesting how everyone smells things differently! All preferences like foods, perfumes etc


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