I won’t lie, I was quite excited to compare the Liz Earle cleanser to the Aldi dupe! I’d been waiting a while for Aldi stocks to come back in and voilà!

Now I’ve used the Liz Earle cleanser before, but stopped as it hurt my eyes. But a few years later, I gave it another go to see if Aldi could compare. A 200ml Liz Earle tube comes in at £27 whilst the Aldi (also 200ml) one kicks ass at £3.99! But how does it compare…

This time, thankfully, Liz Earle did NOT hurt my eyes. For those not familiar with the product, it is a thick, creamy cleanser which smells super clean from its natural ingredients of rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter and eucalyptus. Imagine a spa, on your face. It’s very gentle and removes makeup very easily with its accompanying muslin cloth.

It’s worth noting the Aldi Hot cloth cleanser also comes with a muslin cloth and I can confirm: it smells and does the exact same! Whilst the scent isn’t as strong as Liz Earle, it is so very nearly similar, with extracts of white tea too.

Both are vegan which is a plus and remove makeup in only a few swipes. My verdict: ALDI! Why pay more for the same thing?!

Interested? Keep your eyes peeled in the Aldi aisles and grab this bargain!

Watch my review on my YouTube!

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