Jo Malone scents you have to try

For those who say they’re a foodie, then call me a perfumie!

I love food (Italian, Mexican, Indonesian, Indian… and a whole lot more), but perfume is one of those things I really have to restrict myself on! If it were up to me and I had a magic want, I’d have a whole room dedicated just to scent.

There’s something about smelling nice that makes me feel ready for the day, like getting dressed and making sure my makeup is done. I’m fully aware Jo Malone perfumes are quite pricey – so are they worth the money?

On my recent solo trip to Tenerife, I treated myself to 2 perfumes in duty free and these are by far the best ones I’ve tried so far. I’ve discovered one Jo Malone dupe from Aldi if you fancy getting a 100ml for less than 10% of the original price tag!

Jo Malone English Oak and Hazelnut

Originally, I wanted to get just 100ml, until I saw the array of other fragrances!

30ml – £43.20

Top note – green hazelnut

Heart note – cedarwood

Base note – roasted oak

This reminds me of a freshly polished mahogany table

Jo Malone Forest Moss

30ml – £44.80

Top note – Juniper

Heart note – Geranium

Base note – Moss

This is a fresh holiday scent, reminding me of an expensive hotel or office lobby. Or when a girl boss walks past and you think, omg she smells incredible – I’m hoping I can pull it off too!

If you have a holiday coming up, it’s worth waiting and getting these in Duty Free – I saved about £14 per 30ml bottle!

Most of the perfumes I like are unisex and have woody notes, particularly Jo Malone ones. I find this brand is good for layering up.

What else is on my scent radar?

-Honeysuckle and davana-

-Silver birch and lavender-

-Basil and neroli-

What are your favourites? Or maybe there are some you want to try!

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