I’ve always wanted to try the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay mask, however, I cannot justify the £41.90 price tag!

Randomly, on my outing to Aldi of all places, I came across some dupes – not only of the mask, but also a scrub and cleanser. Intrigued, I purchased the set and can say I am VERY pleased with the results.

My skin changes monthly, however it is mostly combination to dry, compared to super oily when I was a teen. It is suitable for sensitive skin too: a kind option for everyone.

The products have a subtle rose-like scent, despite there not being any, and compliment each other as a pamper; the cleanser comes in at £3.99; the scrub at £3.99; followed by the mask at £5.99 (a matching 60g size plus brush too)! An incredible saving across them all – £12.97 for the trio compared to £41.90 just for the mask!

The cleanser is super gentle on the skin, whilst the scrub cleans out the grime, leaving a polished surface for you to apply the mask which is equally as clearing. The mask was super easy to apply with the miniature, dense brush it came with and made my skin felt super clear and soft afterwards, all in under 10 minutes.

Overall, I am happy to say I will continue to use it! This set isn’t always in stock, but it comes in a few times throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Check it out on my YouTube!


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