I’ve tried to find various reviews on the Feather&Down Sweet Dreams pillow spray and body lotion, but haven’t been successful, so I thought I would create my own.

I managed to get these both in a duo pack after Christmas for about £4.

I don’t believe they sell the body lotion on its own, however they offer a Sleep butter which I have not managed to try. However, the 100ml pillow spray retails for £7 and is a welcome, calming scent before going to bed. 1. It tells me it is time to wind down for the day 2. the lavender scent becomes subtle after a few minutes and helps to create a calm ambiance.

I wasn’t too much of a fan of the lotion: whilst it is lovely a thick consistency, it can become very pungent and make it a little uncomfortable to go to sleep, so I would recommend one or the other, otherwise = OVERLOAD!

Both last an age, so whether you manage to get it in a pack or not, you are getting good value for money – I would recommend trying own brand alternatives too, such as Boots’ Pillow Mist.

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