This week’s final Beauty Pie instalment that I’m just excited about as the rest… MAKE UP!

Let’s go beyond the packaging and find out whether it really does pay to save

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Everyday Great Skin Foundation – 100 Ivory (Warm undertone)

Beauty Pie member price £12.76
RRP price £35
Buy again? YES

Wow. Woooow! This was probably the most exciting and pleasing product for me of all the makeup I’ve tried! It can be quite a thing to nail a perfect foundation. This is literally that – perfect. And it does exactly what it says and give you great skin. It blends beautifully and matches my skin perfectly.

I LOVE the Beauty Pie service. I couldn’t get any samples so I messaged them (you can email or book an online consultation) to see what the closest match was to my current Lancome foundation and they were pretty much spot on! I love this foundation and am thankful for saving myself a few future pennies!

Everyday Great Skin Concealer – 150 Shell

Beauty Pie member price £9.28
RRP price £22
Buy again? MAYBE

I really like this concealer. It’s creamy, nourishing and doesn’t crease. It also complements the Great Skin foundation I got. However, it is a couple of pounds more than the L’Oreal true match concealer (shade 2N) which I’m fan of. The Beauty Pie concealer looks very quality, although my only bug bear with this is getting the applicator in and out of the tube smoothly – you have to align it with the hole which is a bit annoying for something that should be quick and smooth.

Über Volume Boost Velvet Formula Mascara – Super Black

Beauty Pie member price £9.08
RRP price £25
Buy again? NO

Mascaras are a big thing for me. I love big, bold, volumised lashes. Whilst this is easy to use and very chic looking, the brush doesn’t give my lashes as volume as I’d like compared to other mascaras I’ve used that are cheaper (in Superdrug or Boots for example).

Push Your Luxe Eyeshadow Palette – SOLD OUT! 😦

Beauty Pie member price £16.31
RRP price £40
Buy again? NO – this will last me an age!

It’s a shame this is sold out as I want you to see how buttery and soft the eyeshadows are! 😦 It’s a great compact full of warm neutrals which is sturdy and even has a magnetic lid and big mirror. They blend beautifully and very easily in no time at all.

One Palette Wonder Face Palette – Warm Naturals

Beauty Pie member price £8.03
RRP price £35
Buy again? NO

An all-in-one palette is a great idea – as long as the shades aren’t too close together. That’s the downfall of this product, but the battle of trying to keep it small at the same time. But for something just over £8, it is to be expected. Fortunately the warm neutral eyeshadows blend easily, including the bronzer, highlighter and blush shades. However, the latter shades are very close in particular; not helpful when you’ve a brush going across each of them.

left to right: brazillionaire, en taupe, copperini

Wondercolour Longwear Cream Shadow Sticks – En Taupe, Copperini, Brazillionaire

Beauty Pie member price £6.71 / £6.18 / £6.56
RRP price £25
Buy again? NO

I was so disappointed by these sticks! I had high hopes but sadly they just didn’t meet the mark. They are great when swatched, but when on the eye, I found them SO difficult to blend, as if they dried out almost instantly. There are some beautiful shades in the range, including copperini (my fave, bronze-rose gold), brazillionaire (muted shimmery brown) and en taupe (a light matte brown), which is similar to Topshop’s Underdog shadow stick from a few years ago!

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I’ve also recorded some YouTube videos, so check them out here.

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