Any Sophie Kinsella novel requires little attention into looking into the deeper meaning of words, simply acting as an escape and key part in pure chick-lit. It does however, require that you have a sense of humour!

I feel the need to mention this every time I review her novels, but I am a massive Sophie Kinsella fan (shut up, Liz, we know… okay.) The Shopaholic series is Kinsella’s only series (that I know of) that I look forward to reading more of each time, by pursuing a copy in my local charity shop or by hunting at the library.

Becky Bloomwood is back. This time, she’s going abroad! Why? It turns out despite getting her dream guy, Luke, and well-paid job as a financial advisor for TV chat show Morning Coffee, her own finances have ironically gone a bit more than t*ts up…

In her ever optimist way and the chance that Luke is trying to set up shop in the USA, Becky jumps at the chance to accompany him with the chance of gaining a bigger job on American TV. As portrayed on our own TV screens, Kinsella is brilliant at portraying the schmoozing, convincing big dogs in TV production as Becky starts to believe she could be the next big thing – as did I!

But in true naïve Becky style, her finances get the better of her, as well as Luke’s own stresses which eventually take their toll on them both. It’s amazing the things she comes up with, as you might think in your own life that it would so much easier to give up.

But no – could it be Becky Bloomwood to the rescue for Luke? Admittedly, she is ditzy (like myself), yet smarter than we may realise…

Another Kinsella novel I implore you to read if you are seeking a LOL, easy-going book requiring little thinking, full of witticisms and frustration as you want to shake Becky out of her own world and into the real world of adulting and money!

rating – 4/5
genre – fiction, comedy, romance

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