Sophie Kinsella – ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ + ‘Can you keep a secret?’

I must confess I am an avid bookworm and would prefer to read than watch tv or a film (that isn’t to say I dislike them!) as I love the creativity that evolves in my mind, so you can expect a few more book posts coming your way!

I would say I am a keen Sophie Kinsella fan after listening to the brilliant audio book of ‘my not so perfect life’ last summer when I would take long walks in the countryside during lockdown. her writing is witty, charming, hilarious and makes you have literal LOL moments!

only last week, I whizzed through 2 of her books: ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ and then ‘can you keep a secret?‘ as I couldn’t get enough of her wit and fantastic writing!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

after reading the book, I am somewhat disappointed by the film adaptation I watched a few years ago, which is set in New York compared to London, with many plots changed and characters removed.

Anyhow, the story focuses on Rebecca Bloomwood, a financial journalist who doesn’t quite realise how good she is, yet the irony is, she cannot keep her own finances in order. at all.

she is a shopaholic in denial and major debt. throughout we get an insight into Rebecca justifying her purchases as she falls deeper into the red, drawing us into her innocent white lies. throughout reading the book, I felt major anxiety and dismay, yet was humoured at how believable the situation could be for someone who tries to remain so upbeat.

despite her lack of control for personal finance, we realise Rebecca is a very smart character, which only unveils itself across the story, along with the indulgent appearances of millionaire Luke Brandon. it’s the underlying will-she-won’t-she romance storyline, with the lingering banker Derek Smeath’s frequent late payment letters, unveiling some of the hilarious excuses she has told him before…

the questions remaining are, can she get out of her debt? can she prove herself as a financial journalist? will she get with Mr Brandon?

I mentioned I felt anxiety when reading this – maybe I am somewhat in denial that I am a shopaholic, but am nowhere near as bad… oh the irony.

my downfall is in charity shop and kindle books, food and chocolate. what are yours?

Can You Keep A Secret?

Another of my charity shop finds from last year which I have finally got around to reading.

We follow Emma; a witty, yet melodramatic character working as a marketing assistant. she is coming back home from Scotland on a flight where she sits next to a handsome, quiet fellow. as the plane faces turbulence, Emma provides an ongoing commentary of her sins, or secrets, to this handsome stranger. ‘g-spot’, ‘killing her colleague’s plant’, ‘dreaming about kissing her flatmate’.

I can reveal the flight turns out to be fine. Emma gets home and gets to work safely. Can she remain that way until this handsome fellow appears to be her boss? will her secrets stay safe?

honestly, such a funny read. tales of her relationship with her flatmates, colleagues and family, all the while battling failed and new romances.

we all have our secrets, I just wouldn’t recommend telling a ‘total’ stranger…


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