It’s true! I got a FIRST!

I am now a First Class graduate of Management!

I’m delighted that after 4 years of tears, anxiety, ups and downs of university, I have finished with the grade I have been aiming for.

Now you may understand why the posts have quietened down a tad over the past few weeks due to all the revision and worry – and the fact I’ve had a Marketing job alongside (as well as a supermarket role to throw that in! Sad times now that’s over 😔💙 )

It’s insane to think how I was so close to quitting during the first year, yet here we are 4 years and (nearly) a pandemic later!

It has no doubt been an easy ride, but I have been fortunate enough to have amazing friends and family to support me every step of the way, welcoming me back home when I’ve needed to, or giving me motivational words to keep going and persevere. 

One word to summarise my experience: resilient. All built through pure grit, showing that when you put your mind to complete something, it can happen: patience, annoyingly, is key.

I will no doubt do a summary post in the coming months as well as a few more uni posts for some of my followers, or new visitors stumbling across my page.

Even though my Management degree isn’t totally related to my role in Marketing now, I have learned so many skills and lessons that I will cherish and take forward into my career as part of what I anticipate will be an exciting journey.

I’m so proud of myself.

Congrats to everyone else who has graduated – especially during these ambiguous, tough times!


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