In about Mid-June, I fancied a change in my beauty regime and the products I was using, annoyed at the amount of plastic involved. I thought it would be good to support my local LUSH shop which smells incredible everytime I walk past it! It smells lush

Dangerously, I got carried away!

Here is a mini haul of the things I got, along with a rating up to 10 – I find this is a better indicator compared to a scale of 5, along with my experience and comments. Will I splurge again?

Skincare + Bodycare

Full of Grace serum £10

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Love this, smells amazing and goes onto the skin pretty smoothly, melting in your hands. Sad thing is, my skin feels a tad tight the following morning, but it feels a little more rejuvenated – maybe it has literally absorbed all of
the product!

Goddess Soap £8


A decent shower bar, smells great, but not so great if it slips out of your hands! I won’t lie, I was pretty disappointed that within a month, it has almost finished. With bottled products and a fraction of the price, I can easily make it last at least 2-3 months…

Minamisoma shower oil £5


Hmm, a clean and warm scent thanks to the lemon and cocoa extracts, yet my skin felt a bit rubbery when I came out of the shower. Anyone else experienced this? It feels rather milky rubbing it on when in the shower, where I would recommend using it every other day or more!


Jumping Juniper shampoo bar £8


One of the few things I fortunately liked! I have combination to oily hair and my L’Oréal Extraordinary Clay favourite seems to be discontinued by some shops, so I’m taking action! It smells heavenly, lasts a while and actually helps reduce the oiliness in my scalp – even over the following days! Not a full 10 as my L’Oréal can never be beaten…

Big Pressed Conditioner £8.50


Honestly, I can’t believe how disappointed I was by this. My experience makes it seem ludicrously expensive for what it is: it has a 1 purely for the delicious fresh and coconut scent. Other than that, I was not impressed. The product needs warming either between the hands or in the bottom of the shower: as I was trying to massage it to get a creamy consistency, it took ages to get even a smidge. I would either be wasting shower water, or get cold if I turned it off and stood massaging this bar. Grr.


Charity Pot Coin – Paw £1

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I couldn’t resist picking this up when I got to the checkout. The £1 goes to charity, plus it is a great moisturiser. My hands weren’t left feeling too oily, which some moisturisers are guilty of doing.

Square Tin £2.95 each

I bought 2. Great for almost all loose LUSH products

Shampoo tin £2.50 each

Advertised as a shampoo tin which doesn’t actually fit their shampoo bars… They do, however, have a cork product holder for treble the price.

To finish it off, the team threw in samples of mask of magnaminty and dream cream lotion which is pretty decent and light on the skin…

Overall, I won’t lie, after only a month I am pretty disappointed that some of the products have almost finished for almost £50. It’s a shame as I want to do my part and cut down on plastic, but saving money is a better incentive. In line with this, I have signed up for WWF where I donate £5 a month. Better to see my money doing some good.

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