it seems i have been trying to find a word to summarise my actions over this past year, especially since embarking on my very own YEAR OF YES and I guess my journey so far.

that word, is GRIT.

Over the past 18 months, my reading list has expanded from romance to self-help books. The first; The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and GRIT by Angela Duckworth.

I will admit there isn’t a lot for me to say about Tolle’s book; I was left somewhat disappointed and unable to finish it, only making 30% of the way through.

Duckworth’s GRIT on the other hand provides a useful insight into the power of resilience and grit, through her studies and research on different study groups including children and adults separately, throughout their growth. 

what is GRIT? 
throughout the book, Duckworth provides a plethora of examples demonstrating GRIT of studies and research she has conducted, along with other academic contributions and findings.

It turns out, unsurprisingly, the GRIT is built from a young age. Think about it: doing after school clubs, tasks at home, homework, and revision.

Olympic swimmers, sprinters and what not are not born the way they are. They are the way they are because of GRIT. They practise and perfect their craft every day, even when they would rather be in bed and it is freezing outside.

GRIT is about passion and perseverance, keeping focused on long-term goals.

It isn’t talent or luck. You can create your own luck.

GRIT is about resilience and building discipline to practise and be better to strive and achieve those long-term goals.

She provides some scales for you to fill in and add up how ‘gritty’ you are on a ‘grit scale’ to assess your attitude towards achieving goals and adapting your mindset.

Many of us have shown GRIT throughout the multiple lockdowns in the UK, despite showing wavering signs of coming close to giving up and into our negative mental health. Keep going – you are showing GRIT!

This book made me feel so positive as I definitely resonated with some of her gritty observations: for so long I have wanted to improve my mental health and become a more positive person. Whilst it is still a work in progress, I have learned so much more about myself and remain committed towards this goal, as I am a very different person to how I was a few years ago.

This has given me the motivation to keep going.

I’m sure there are things you strive to achieve: let me tell you, you can do it. You have to let yourself believe you can and practice to improve your craft and mindset. You will build resilience and discipline, thus certifying a great level of grit.

You can be gritty.

other self help + mindset book recommendations
ollie ollerton – battle ready
ant Middleton – the fear bubble
jay morton – soldier
piers morgan – wake up


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