A book that falls into the self-help cult.

Austin Kleon is known for his small, brief self-help books (such as Steal Like An Artist) which follow a similar knack and layout of recommending what you can do to make your life a little easier and tolerable.

Fortunately I am in a better mindset now compared to when I read it a few weeks ago (it’s amazing what timecan do!).

I’m not totally sure what to say about this book as it is barely 200 pages with pictures, titles and a bit of writing here and there. It’s about creative beings in particular making use of their skills and network to create their own possibilities and get fun out of life. Not a bad thing. I strongly encourage you seek to find something you enjoy doing instead of just for money.

As my Dad kindly reminds me, ‘You’re a long time dead.’  🙂

It’s alright. I’m a bit annoyed I paid what I did for something that looks like it’s been written with a Sharpie – but I guess, each author is unique?

Key takeaways I got from this are just a reiteration of boosting your confidence: use your networksocial media, be opengenerous and brave.

Note to self: must stop buying self-help books (read the ones I already have – anyone else the same?)

rating – 2/5
genre – self-help

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