TONI + GUY DAMAGE REPAIR HAIR – did it repair?

As part of my mini Boots haul a few weeks back, I bought some small hair goodies that had been reduced and thought would be worth the try, including Grow Gorgeous Hair and Lee Stafford’s Keep It Clean range.

One of the last things I got were mini Toni + Guy Damage Repair shampoo and conditioner bottles, each down to 50p [normally they can go for £3 a bottle].

My first impressions were **heavenly scent** I instantly felt like I was in a salon and upon finishing the wash, my hair felt clean (which I sadly didn’t with my previous hair minis). On the other hand, upon drying it as part of my usual routine, my crown felt and looked a little greasy, so that was a bit of a downer.

Despite this, it gave the lengths of my hair a glossyhealthy shine, giving the appearance of a ‘repaired’ look.

This is great for normal to thick hair, especially those with long locks looking for a little oomph if their mane has taken a battering in recent washes. This acts as an interim.

In a way, I would not recommend this for greasy haired gals, although it has not left results anywhere near as bad as other products I have tried – maybe I just have a particularly greasy head?! (ew Lizzie…) Try at your own risk perhaps?

I shall keep you updated for any future hair goodies I experiment with, as well as let you into my fail and fool proof greasy hair saviour…!

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