keep it clean hair – Lee Stafford

I’m sure there are many of you, like me, who are a sucker for a freebie or cheap goodie. This was the case when I came across Lee Stafford’s Keep It Clean range in Boots, along with my Grow Gorgeous hair experience.

I got my hands on the Weightless Shield Primer (£6.99) and Dry Shampoo (£5.49) for less than £2 each. I will admit, the fact the packaging was pink and there was the mention of pink clay did persuade me to purchase them.

Let me tell you, I have a mixed experience from these: do not let the pretty pink packaging fool you (more of a note to self!)… 

I’ve had positive experience with pink clay in regards to skincare, yet on this occasion, the primer just did not work for my hair. It smelt very luxurious and clean, yet upon applying through my damp hair, I was left with a gritty feeling on my hands and in my nails. When dried, I found it weighed my hair down even more, making it look greasy which is not helpful for my already long greasy hair.

The dry shampoo on the other hand, I do not mind. It does the job at fixing my greasy roots (made by the use of the primer in the first place) and leaves my hair feeling refreshed.

Ultimately, it was a not so good experience

But, these would be good for dry, fine hair peeps needing some volume and shine


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