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first of all, sorry for the title of this book – but that’s what attracted me to reading it in the first place!

I’ve been slowly making my way through many self-help and motivational books I bought on my kindle some time ago to help adjust my mindset. I would say I have definitely put this into practice and feel very different from the person I was this time last year.

now, the theme of this book is to motivate you to stop putting off the ‘when I’ moment and just f*cking do it. simple, right? I’ve picked out a few key points which stood out to me, so I hope they have same impact on you as they did me.

it is expected of society that we have to get a job, work 9-5, then come home and repeat it all over again the next day. read that again; doesn’t sound too great imo. that’s the reality for a lot of people. notice I didn’t say all people.

this is a book for people who want to change. I want to change. maybe you want to change too.

remember, the world does not hate you. it’s time to tune from ‘sh*tFM’ to ‘UniverseFM’.

we are sold into the idea that life is for working and that dreaming is for idiots’. v true again. from here, we open ourselves up to reprogramming ourselves – our mindset.

as I’ve said myself, yet here it was in print; we are not robots. this is your life, it is your right to live it. for me, that feels so empowering.

I get that we have to work, but that doesn’t mean we should give up our dreams. behind the scenes, I am always working on them happening and it has made me a whole lot happier knowing I am doing something about it. im already seeing some benefits from my resilience and hard graft. if this is you, you can do it too.

one thing that did stand out to me was the habits we learn are embedded from our childhood, mainly from our parents. of course this makes sense, as this is basically all we know and are not yet old enough to know any different. now, you are entitled to think differently.

‘when we say something enough times (internally or externally) we begin to believe it’ – this counts if you say negative things to yourself. I am soooo guilty of this, so it is a journey of mending this mindset. 

don’t fear failure, fear being stuck in exactly the same place in five years’ time’. I’ve mentioned before that placement year taught me a great deal about what I want from life and this quote sums up how I did not want to be feeling the same way as I did then, nor be sitting at a desk bored to death and wanting to cry every damn minute.

there is a whole lot more I want to say, but ‘having what you want does not need to feel hard’. if you want it, you will work for it and you will love it. the Universe will acknowledge your hard work, as long as you are patient and kind to yourself.

I hope this gives you the inspiration and nudge that it gave me!

rating – 4/5 (5 if I did the exercises at the end of each chapter, I am sure)

genre – motivational, self-help

some more of my favourite points:

see everything as an opportunity

it’s when we learn to love ourselves first that we truly blossom

the more you give, the more you will receive, because the universe will always reciprocate your giving

you need to embrace failure and not be scared to be punched in the face with it every single day

when you are scared of failure, you are at your weakest.

Hibbert, N. (2019). Just F*cking Do It: Stop Playing Small. Transform Your Life. John Murray Learning.

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