Brighton. Oh heck, what a place, I loved it! At the start of this month I visited the sunny, yet very windy, beach town on the East Sussex coast with a friend.

Tip: if you’re thinking of heading to Brighton, the traffic and parking is so crazy, so I would recommend driving to Lewes which isn’t too far from Brighton and getting the train in, which only takes 15 minutes. This made it very easy to get into the centre where we were greeted with sunshine, gusts of wind and a teasing view of the beach straight ahead.

We explored the beach for a long while before returning into the town to find somewhere to eat.

We went into the popular Millennial restaurant Redroaster, however it was very busy and the menu was a bit too fancy for our liking – but very insta worthy!

Eventually we found the super cute Cloud9 café – mainly due to my pickiness – I indulged in an almond milk tea and a Belgian brownie cheesecake slab. LUSH (something I am sure I will re-create for the blog in the future!)

Each of the Lanes were unique; I managed to get some bits including an eyeshadow, avocado bag (in the shape, not for avos) and a textile elephant keyring.

My observations of the seaside town was that it was a ‘land of puffer jackets’ and all things quirky, never really knowing what to expect down each Lane.

As we made our way back to the station, we toured back via the artwork around Brighton and particularly the Lanes, which were pretty cool

Would I go back? Hell yes! Hopefully on a less windy day and when it’s a tad warmer! And perhaps adopting a puffer jacket…

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