Ways To Help The Planet: Do Your Bit

It’s no secret that we should be taking more care of our planet. There is no better time to start than now. If everyone does their bit to make a habit for the better, think about how much our planet would benefit.

Plastic is a serious issue, as is fast fashion and various other wasteful products. See below and try out something to change as part of your lifestyle and make it a habit!

Lunchbox/Metal/Bamboo lunch tin – invest in a re-usable tin or tub. They come in all sorts of patterns, last longer and protect your grub [just make sure to transfer to another dish if heating it up]

Metal/reusable bottle – these are literally everywhere and IS something to jump on the bandwagon about!

Walk – try walking instead of using a car where you can. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, you can increase your activity levels and improve your wellbeing

Public transport/share a lift – opt for public transport if you can; do some research to get some good deals or discount cards. If you or someone you know are going somewhere together, try sharing a lift

Reusable bag – take one with you! I don’t hide my distaste when someone walks into the office with a new bag from their food shop. Invest in a groovy one to easily pop out for when you need it. My out my avo one from Sass&Belle when I went to Brighton!

Turn the tap off! There is no need for you to keep water running when you brush your teeth – turn it off.

Pick up one bit of litter if you’re out and about – better still, don’t be the selfish idiot that litters in the first place.

Invest – clothes, equipment. Cheaper alternatives may break quicker and often need replacing, so try paying that little bit more; you get the quality and it lasts longer

Library – This will save you money, the environment from printing more books as well as boost your intuition! Or try out a Kindle

Please please please try this out, as I said, even if it is one thing, imagine everyone else doing the same thing: our planet will thank us for it!

Top photo: @redrabbitdesigns

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