Chatty Week – Being Reflective

What did you want to be when you ‘grew up’?

Where are you now?

How are you, really? Are you happy?

These are questions I have been coming back to and asking myself a whole lot more during my time at uni and particularly on placement.

‘You’re wishing your life away’ someone at work said; it dawned on me that they were right, especially as I haven’t really enjoyed the past few years of uni and placement, hoping there would be something around the corner. But it turns out I’m just impatient – or ambitious – and I am still trying to figure out what it is I want to do. Hopefully I’m not the only one?

I told myself this year would be the year I say YES to more things and it’s going pretty well so far; I’m a lot happier than I have been for the past few months (maybe years) and am trying to live life instead of waiting for the moment ‘When I…’, whenever that is.

Placement has taught me a great deal of things so far – something I am sure to update you on in a few months time – that so much can happen and change anything in a matter of months, weeks and even moments. I’m learning more about myself with each day and week that passes, realising I am perhaps a lot more capable than I realised which has surprised me, but only for the better.

What is the point of this, you wonder? Go back to those initial questions, take some time to reflect, whether that be collecting your thoughts for a moment, or writing it down. It’s so easy to get caught up in life as the pace continues to speed up and days pass: my aim is to live more, instead of existing.

What’s yours?

So, what do I want to be? Answer: Who the hell knows!

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