Here we are, nearly into February which means it could be time for you to pursue that New Year’s Resolution you’ve been putting off for the past month – joining the gym.

January has nearly passed it is likely there will be a few who managed to stick it out; now it’s your turn to make a lasting change for yourself! It’s not as intimidating as you think, so I’d like to share my observations which I wish I heard before joining…

I go to the gym to train – not to take photos

Gym Induction
You will most likely have a tour with a member of staff; take this time to ask questions and make yourself known to ask for help in the future

Ask for help
Staff are there to help, it’s their job and they want to help!

Try a class
Not sure how to workout? Classes will give you some inspiration and push you beyond your comfort zone

PT sessions
A great way of gaining experience of how to train safely, use new equipment and meet new people who want to help you! I did this and my PT gave me some workout tips and introduced me to some new pieces

Buddy Up!
Going with a friend holds you both accountable to attend and encourages to lift that little bit more – it definitely helps me in the morning

Watch some videos and tutorials online or on social media to give you some inspiration for workouts and show you how to use equipment

No one cares!
It’s true – no one really cares about you in the gym, only themselves. Everyone will have a first time in the gym and eventually they will most likely be thinking ‘are they looking at me?!‘ – now imagine 98% of gym-goers saying the same thing to themselves…leave the other 2% to themselves

You are there for YOU – and only YOU.
It is your time so make the most of it and who cares if anyone is watching, remember, you’re working hard!

There are more things I want to say, but want to get the fundamentals across: I hope this has calmed some of your nerves to those who are slightly anxious – you won’t know until you try it. Many gyms will have end of month discounts on too, so check them out! 🙂

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