Quick Lunch Ideas #1

This week’s post was a sudden change to my original plan after a lightbulb moment from one of the girls at work: ‘omg I’m running out of lunch ideas, I just want something healthy’

*lightbulb moment for Lizzie*

This aims to provide some ideas to those wanting some new inspiration, or to make an adjustment if you’re sick of ready meals or a boring sandwich at your desk and want something fresh, forgiving and delicious! Forget the diet, this is a LIFESTYLE change!

To make anything easier, PREPARATION is key! Below are some options which can be eaten hot or cold and on the go – and don’t forget your reusable lunchbox (bamboo and metal are great investments)! Feel free to substitute any ingredients with your own veg or protein alternative; these meals do involve stripping it all back to basics which are best!

Med-Veg Bowl
Whilst it isn’t entirely Mediterranean, my version is comprised of chicken, courgettes, pepper, olives, sweetcorn, butternut squash/sweet potato and a topping of salsa.
I blast the courgettes and squash/potato in the microwave for up to 5 mins each before mixing everything together

Quick Quinoa Dish
I like to prepare quinoa with paprika and chilli flakes, then set some aside for lunches in the week. In this case I’ve added some chicken, seasoning and peas

Stuff any veggies in along with some salsa. I added some chicken and peppers

Simple Salad
Such a versatile dish – mix it up with lettuce, rocket, basil, salad leaves. Any type of meat or tuna, including chickpeas and butter beans for veggies, along with butternut squash or sweet potato, peppers and sweetcorn are great, topped with balsamic vinegar, dressing or flavoured oil (remember to measure and not do it by eye)

Homemade soup
I couldn’t not include a self plug from my #soupseries

And yes, this is post #1, so look out for post #2 in the future for more ideas!

Leave a comment and like! Enjoy!

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