I’ve been back in the UK for nearly two weeks now having been in Morocco for a further two, however despite the mini-break, I continue to feel burnt out.

I can only describe the feeling as some kind of mental chronic fatigue which spills through to every muscle. ADHD, burnout, underlying issues? I don’t know. But I find it so hard to focus, find passion in life (and my work) and the energy to do the things I once truly enjoyed.

As much as friends and family mean to be kind when they say ‘take some time off, it will do you good’, it isn’t quite as simple as that. Mentally, you don’t stop, especially if your mind is as hyperactive as mine!

At the end of my last blog on burnout, I finalised it with ‘is burnout just life now?’ and it turns out it may just be that. I still think it’s important to address burnout, even as it, sadly, continues to become a part of everyday talk.

But here’s someone who continues to address it fearlessly…

I’ve sung her praises before and will continue to do so: author, podcaster and multi-hyphenate Emma Gannon has today released her new book, The Success Myth*.

I’ve followed her on SubStack for over a year now and continue to love her work, with the added excitement of her latest book to look forward to as she addresses her recent recovery from burnout at the end of 2022, taking off 3 months to recover.

Having read her other non-fiction works The Multi-Hyphen Method and Disconnected, I’m certain she will do justice in unpicking what it means to ‘having it all’ not always meaning fulfilment, when striving for balance, a healthy life and mind. I can’t wait to read it!*

I promise my next blog will be more joyous as I reflect on my time in Morocco! (full of little tips on what’s going on and what you can expect if you’re thinking of visiting)

Disclaimer: Links marked with * indicate an affiliate link. This does not cost you anything extra, but helps support my channel where I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support if you choose to purchase through this link and use my discount codes!

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