This is one of those books I saw raved about by influencers a few years ago when it first came out in 2018.

My first thoughts: I do not need another self-help book reminding me of how unhappy I am in my life where I have little energy to even attempt to change it.

Fast forward to now and a pandemic later… 1. what an attitude to have (I was in a very dark, lonely place), and 2. It definitely shows how technology, and our rapidly changing world, can make books become dated very quickly!

The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon is a book made for people wanting more from life and a better work-life balance. As the cover says: Work less, create more, and design a career that works for you.

We can become multi-hyphenates (as she claims herself to be) and gain more of our own time, whilst adding multiple strings to our bow.

Gannon has managed to do this herself, where she is now a successful author (of my one of my favourite books Olive), podcaster and influencer (and part-time journalist).

It’s a sacrifice at the start, but the end goal is to get more work done in fewer hours and have more time for yourself whilst still making money– no more plodding away at the usual 9 to 5 (and more) for a pittance.

At the start of the novel, I was both fascinated and confused at how outdated her book seemed… mainly because much of the stuff she said needs to happen, has already happened! The pandemic has changed working habits: more people are working from home, commuting time has been cut or reduce, and hybrid working has become more widespread.

Technology, the internet and tools, such as social media, have accelerated at rapid speed, more than we could have ever imagined, and it is up to us to facilitate it to work to our advantage to become multi-hyphenates.

It’s about not being tied down to one thing, upskilling yourself, and just being damn happy! We spend around 1/3 of our life working, so it’s worth enjoying the journey!

I totally related to Gannon’s observations of how jobs and advice can quickly become out of date. There is no ‘job for life’ anymore. Access to tools such as online courses, videos and websites (eg make your own blog), give us the ability to be our own boss and enhance our creativity skills.

She also refers to her experience between school and graduating from university: by the time she got her cap and gown, all advice she had been given before was out of date.

Based on my own (sadly negative) placement experience, I witnessed the ‘Bums on seat = get paid’ mentality. This just shouldn’t happen anymore – people should have the freedom to work where and when they want, as long as the work gets done. Technology is an enabler. Some people thrive in different environments and even time of day.

It is now cool to sleep, compared to pop culture, social media and films glorifying the ‘no sleep = working hard’ appearance.

Equally, she balances her advocacy for the Multi-Hyphen Method without avoiding burnout. It’s important to say no.

I read somewhere that the average working day has increased by at least an hour – the whole world is tired! It’s no wonder most of the world is leading to, or already has already reached burnout.

Whilst most self-help books seem to offer theory and suggestions, I liked that Gannon put forward examples from existing successful multi-hyphenates who balance their full-time jobs with side hustles, with the aim of making it their main job in the end.

This shows that you can make it happen, it just depends how much you’re willing to sacrifice in the beginning, if you can.

She provides a different approach to a typical self-help book, where she admits hers isn’t like others which say ‘quit your job!’. Most people can’t do that; they can’t afford it, or have family to think about. I personally don’t know if this method is something families can work with, but that is up to them and how much time they have and want to commit.

I was a bit torn at times when reading. I think I would like it if Emma Gannon clearly explained or had a timeline or bullet points of what she did and how, instead of scattered throughout the book, which took time in piecing it all together, but that’s my personal preference.

A really enjoyable, practical book for people seeking more freedom in their work and their life. Is it time for you to pursue The Multi-Hyphen Method?

Rating – 4/5 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Genre – self-help, memoir, non-fiction

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