In need of a little refresh – A mini re-brand for Lizzie’s Week

Sometimes things get a little bit tired and outdated. They need a little refresh; some love and attention.

It turns out my blog had fallen into that state.

Even though my blog isn’t the biggest or grandest bit of the internet, Lizzie’s Week is still my little piece of pride and joy I like to escape to. As life continued to get busier (and still does), it continued to be neglected, so I got in touch with the talented Georgia-Maia after seeing her recommended by Emma Gannon (one of my favourite authors).

Despite calling myself a creative being, I have struggled with finding my personal brand for a few years, especially when my passion (and talent) lies in the power of the written word. I commissioned her for 2 pieces of work including a new profile pic and main image (of course featuring my wonderful furry son, Harry) and I am super happy with them!

Whilst I continue to work on my blog and writing projects, I also try to post content on YouTube where I can – only when I want to, I enjoy it and have the time!

As a result, part of my refresh has meant me stepping back and admitting that as much as I love books, the ROI just isn’t worth it, so I’ll keep it to myself – along with some of the time I’ll get back!

Georgia-Maia illustrations*

If you’re interested in her wonderful work, check out her designs through her Etsy shop*, or drop her a message through her Instagram/email!

Note to self: sometimes you can’t do it all and that’s okay! And I’m super happy I got Georgia-Maia to help (:

Disclaimer: Links marked with * indicate an affiliate link. This does not cost you anything extra (nor will it for Georgia-Maia!), but helps support my channel where I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support if you choose to purchase through this link and use my discount codes!

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