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I’m aware it’s been nearly a month since I last posted, with the intention of posting many more. But life still gets in the way.

In fact, a recent call with my Grandma of ‘not seeing any posts, is my computer not working?’ will hopefully act as a kick up the bum to start posting again!

I enjoy my blog – I just have a few things to balance at the same time, none of them small either.

The only way I can describe the way my mind works, is by having multiple tabs open all at once. Even looking at the bottom of my laptop now, I can see multiple documents and web browsers open, all with further tabs in each that I hope to come back to… only to find myself going down a further rabbit hole when I do!

If you’re interested, here’s just a few of the things I’ve got on!

Why do any of them Liz if they’re so time-consuming?

Because I enjoy them. I know no one is asking me to do it either.

Like many, I just want some of my own time back to do more of the things I enjoy without anything else cowering over it.

And there’s the hope I can build something to which I can monetise. My YouTube is slowly edging there, but I’m remaining patient and positive that it will pay off. Who knows, I may be able to freelance off the back of it?!

Stayed tuned I guess…

Do you feel the same? What’s your way of managing it?

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