Lintro waterless diffuser and oil set

‘Where’s that smell coming from?’ I asked my boyfriend’s dad as I sat up on the sofa.

‘Oh, it’s this diffuser (boyf’s mum) got.’

He asked if I liked the scent. He liked it. I agreed. A lot.

I want one, I thought. So I did, I got one. And a few weeks later, it’s proving to be one of my most favourites purchases in a while!

If you read my Neom diffuser pod review, you’ll see that I was quite disappointed. However, the Lintro waterless diffuser* I got is one of the best dupes I’ve seen and is proving to be quite the gem.

Why it just works

There are so many positives to the waterless diffuser – there is another classic option, however I’m not too familiar with it.

It’s not too loud, smells amazing, has 3 intensity settings, a USB-C cable, lasts ages from one charge, nor take too long to charge and there are so many oil options which are very affordable – no more than £10 per bottle, with some of them as little as £5.

The fact it’s waterless too means you don’t have to faff measuring oil to water.

Lintro waterless diffuser bottle refills

Which diffuser should you get?

I got the Essential Oil Blends Wooden Box & Waterless Diffuser Starter Pack Collection (£59.99), which included:

  • Waterless diffuser
  • USB-C cable
  • 2 x 15ml bottles
  • 5ml oil blends in a wooden box

I mentioned it has a USB-C port, so it stays in. It doesn’t take forever to charge and lasts an age when using it: it’s a miracle! Let me tell you, the oils last for SO long – it’s such good value.

Even though I keep it on the minimum setting, it’s enough to fill a room. I’ll come back in and think, wow, it smells incredible in here. Whilst you can hear it a tad, I do tend to forget it’s on when I’m working as it is nowhere near as loud as the aforementioned comparison at £70 for a diffuser and just one oil…

Why buy through their site

You can get some exclusive benefits on the site, such as using codes (read on for your 15% off code!) or checking out their other products. I got the multipack box which makes it a great way to try out all of their scents. The diffuser came with 2 x 15ml bottles, which I poured some of the mini bottles into.

Lintro diffuser oils

Also, when I had a query, I found the customer service to be very responsive – even on a weekend which I didn’t expect!

And if you need to top up any of your oils, it’s super easy to re-order them, through their website or on Amazon – I personally like to support their own website where you can get points at the same time. What’s better is that with every purchase, they donate a portion of every sale to UK-based charities.

Would I recommend this? I think you know my answer already!

If you do choose to get one, you can through my link* and/or use my discount code at the checkout to get 15% off! LIZZIESWEEK*

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Disclaimer: Links marked with * indicate an affiliate link. This does not cost you anything extra, but helps support my channel where I may earn a small commission. Thank you for your support if you choose to purchase through this link and use my discount codes!

Thank you for your support! xx

Lintro waterless diffuser and oil gift set

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