It’s important for us to take care of ourselves, our bodies and our minds, and enjoy the few moments we have in this busy world.

I thought I’d help myself by getting the NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini diffuser, a portable, lightweight machine that diffuses your choice of heavenly scented oil. But for £50 (just the pod) – and then another £20 for each oil – is it worth it?

Let me tell you, for that much, I expected a whole lot better

Do not let the packaging draw you in. I know, it’s a big tick in the box that NEOM gets this right pretty much every time, but this diffuser comes down to its function, where it is noisy and plasticky.

Fortunately, the oils smell incredible. You will not get a bad scent with NEOM – I got the ‘Scent to Make You Happy’ essential oil. However, each 10ml oil retails for £20 which you should only use with your diffuser, so as not to ruin the warranty. I got the bundle which saved me £10, however that does not stop my annoyance in the quality of this product.

Controls are on top of the diffuser. You can also push out the oil from the bottom

It is small enough that you can take it out and about with you in the car or a private space for instance, yet I don’t know anyone who might do this. Additionally, when paying upwards of £50, it is noisy and requires extensive re-charging. I thought it was cheeky of them to include a micro-USB port, meaning charging is very slow – sometimes more than 1 hour – (thanks to my bro for his advice), compared to USB-C. I even found myself having to charge it quite often, even if I’d only used it for 20 minutes.

It’s such a shame as I expected a lot better from this product for the price I paid.

I can’t get over the scents, which are a little luxury and make the perfect gift, however the diffuser just isn’t quite up there for me. Maybe there is a still some adjustment to be made to get the perfect version of a new product?

Whilst this may have been a bit negative, I’d like to think this post has been honest and helpful if you are looking to buy this product – especially as it is a bit of an investment piece!

You can also watch my YouTube video and also have a listen out for how noisy the little pod can be!

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