I went to Tenerife for a week on my own and this is what happened

Dating someone in the public sector can be tricky, but only when it comes to holidays.

But this isn’t a blog about dating. This is about HOLIDAYS.

palm trees

I LIVE for holidays. They’re what keep me going as it’s always good to have something to look forward to in life. This August/September, I treated myself to a week in Tenerife. I’d been there before with family and felt safe every time I went, although the weather can be hit and miss.

As ever, I will try to include costs where I can for those who like to plan!

Ho hum. My trip started off with a pleasant enough flight before getting a transfer to my hotel in the North of the island. (£37.32 return on a shared coach)

‘Uno personne?’, the driver said as he loaded my suitcase into the hold. A nod and smile from me. No shame. I was happy to be on the ground, safe.

I had a bit of a nap as it was about an hour and a half, but managed to get there, check in, have some of the food they left out (hmm) and headed to bed.

Leftover hotel food

Firstly, why a solo trip?

  1. I was beyond the point of burnout and always tired. I can’t imagine I was pleasant to be around. I wanted/needed some relaxation and a different location other than home
  2. I love sunny holidays – even if this one lacked it somewhat
  3. Tenerife is safe and not too long a flight (4 hours)

4a) My boyfriend is a teacher thus cannot get time off

4b) Holidays are much cheaper when everyone goes back to school!

5) My main intention was to write my crime novel. Started on 25k

6) I’m fortunate enough that I budget and save to afford it

The hotel – Parque San Antonio in Puerto de la Cruz

It turned out I was in a block of single rooms, where I opted for a balcony overlooking the pool. I took some comfort knowing there were others like me enjoying their own company on the island. The hotel is about a 15-minute walk from the beach, although it was quite rocky and black due to the volcano – which I could also see from the restaurant – but it’s then a slow, steep uphill walk back! The northern part of island wasn’t buzzing as much as the south, which I know is more popular (as I unexpectedly experienced later in my trip). Also, I extended my check out time until 3pm for €40 to save any waiting about during my last day.

Did you feel safe?

Absolutely! I always feel safe in Canary Islands, even on this occasion as a lone female. But to be sure, I always always always look at reviews, google maps and YouTube videos if I know I’m going alone somewhere, similar to when I went to Bali and stayed in hotels on my own.

I tried to use my Spanish where possible, although I sensed the locals still get tired of tourists attempting it and having to break a €20 note for small things (they made me pay by card in the shop).

The forecast had been showing sun all up to my departure date, but it soon emerged that the whole week would be covered in cloud. It was quite disappointing, yet I was thankful for the break.

Just me, my books and food (FYI I would highly recommend the ACOTAR series, where the 2nd book easily became my favourite!)

Instead of going into every single detail, I’ll summarise that my week mainly consisted of reading, blogging, napping, DuoLingo, eating and drinking (in my room), and rushing to the sunbed when there was a tiddly bit of sun poking through the clouds.

With no signs of weather improving, I headed out on my own to see what the north had to offer. Turns out not a lot. I ventured to nearby shopping malls to top up my crisps, chocolate, fruit and fresh gas (lemonade) supplies for my fridge. There are tours, but I didn’t do them. Bars are sparse, but there are some restaurants, you just have to be prepared to walk up and down a few hilly roads.

walking in north tenerife

Did I feel uneasy dining alone? Nope. I did see some people do a double take, but then noticed others dining alone too. I’d get my breakfast, nab a yogurt for lunch, before heading back later for dinner on my own again. It’s also so much easier to get a table for 1!

How much was the trip?

Booked through On the Beach, I paid £525.81 for flights, 15kg luggage, a single room with a balcony, half-board, including an early booking discount of £50 – nice!

(Luggage – if your flights are with easyJet and you book through On the Beach, upon reflection, I’d recommend not adding it at this point. Instead, add it when booking your plane seats on the easyJet site. I find it works out at better value).

Still, not a bad bundle.

Delayed flights have their perks – really!

Despite many horror stories I’ve heard about delayed or cancelled flights, my experience was quite positive! I was so calm after my past experience stuck on a plane in Singapore, but on this occasion easyJet handled it rather well. Cancelled due to raging rain back in the UK, they provided a transfer to (and from) a swanky hotel (breakfast included) in the south which was divine and a massive step up from my northern residence. There truly is a lot more going on there – noted for next time that I should stretch my budget a bit more. Typically, it was super sunny on the last day! Maybe it’s being in the south that helps.

What’s even better is I got a refund… £350!

So, what did happen Lizzie? (apart from no sun) Nothing. And it was just perfect.

I hope this helped. Maybe you’re planning a solo trip, whether that be to Tenerife or elsewhere, make sure to familiarise yourself with surroundings first. I felt safe the entire time and would definitely go back – but to the south this time!

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