I’m a sucker for a beauty tool, where many of you seem to be too. I see you clicking on my posts! (thank you)

This time I’m reviewing the Magnitone London PorePatrol Skin Renewing Pore Extraction System. What a mouthful.

I bought this earlier in the year and used it very inconsistently, however I recently did a review on my YouTube where I aimed to use in over a month… What were the results?

The gadget claims to help ‘unclog pores’ and ‘revitalise skin in minutes’; – but what does that actually mean? Clearer skin? Plumper? Fewer impurities?

I saw seeking an at-home microdermabrasion dupe, as beauty treatments can often be at least £45 a pop. Having typed it in to google, this was one of the top things to pop up thanks to SEO, so thought I’d give it a try as it had some positive reviews. With that in mind, I’d hoped an at home alternative that could hopefully save me money in the long run.

How wrong I was.

It’s easy to use, where you just push a button and swipe it on your face. It sucks your skin, but be careful not to give yourself blood blisters, which I sadly learned on my first try.

My skin felt soft and smooth within the first 10 minutes of using it, but after that… nothing. It just a fling. The feeling of a one-night stand (I can only guess). Just a temporary fix. After that, my pores felt congested again, if not even more congested!

It aims to clear pores.

It didn’t’. For me anyway.

I’ve seen better results within seconds when using St Ives’ face scrub which leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean.

Unsurprisingly, I also have a few irks about this product. It comes in at just under £40, so whilst it doesn’t break the bank entirely, it’s still an investment tool. Fortunately, it’s quick to charge and the battery lasts an age too.

But, to change the intensity, the button isn’t well positioned, where I often find myself catching it when using it on my skin. A bit of a surprise when my cheek gets sucked into the abyss. There are different nozzles too depending on your skin type, but I tried a few of them and they didn’t seem to make a difference.

After that experience, I much prefer going to a beauty therapist for microdermabrasion, where it actually makes a great gift for someone too – luckily Christmas is only round the corner!

You can also check out my YouTube review!

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