I love what make up can do. It has the power to change how you feel instantly.

A few years ago, I was obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury, where only a couple of years after its launch in 2013, I owned plenty of products from the brand. How sad is it, that I could tell you what shades, products and prices everything was?!

I’m glad to say things have changed since then. I’d splurge some of my income from my supermarket job on her gorgeous makeup, but it soon came apparent that 1. My skin was breaking out quite a bit, and 2. My purse was screaming at me to calm down! I listened.

A few years later, I’ve learned more about myself and my skin – what works and what doesn’t.

Now working full time within Marketing for a startup, I’ve learned that I can burn out and get overwhelmed with the pressures expected of my role, often very quickly whilst battling imposter syndrome. This calls for much needed time out, as you’ll know for my love of holidays! But on this occasion, I booked a couple of days off to make a long weekend. 1 day in London, the rest down by the beach.

For a while I’d been thinking about getting into her products again, as I was bored of the same plain, matted makeup look. I wanted glow. And that’s where the gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury comes in! It blows my mind how much the brand has evolved in just a matter of years, with products ranging across skin, masses of makeup, gifts and more, plus a massive online presence and even TV adverts!

My confidence and skills in makeup have been lacking in my opinion, so I wanted a little refresh of how to create the perfect eye and look after my skin.

Charlotte Tilbury offers online and in-store consultations (which vary from free to paid), where I went to their flagship store in Covent Garden. I’d been there a few years ago for my birthday and loved it, but this time went during the week where there were more appointments available.

It’s definitely a brand for if you’ve got time – and extra cash! Reflecting back to when I first got into the brand, Magic Cream was all you needed for your skin. What’s happened between now and then that I’m being told I need cream, serum, an eye cream, lip oil and a face spray!? Oh wait, sales marketing! 🙂 And I have to say… it damn well works on me!

It’s super indulgent and glamorous, and I had the wonderful Sarah who talked me through the products as she applied them which you can check out on my YouTube too (video coming soon)!

The products she used:


Prep and hydration is key in any Charlotte Tilbury look

  • Multi-miracle glow – it smells a bit Granny-like, but preps the skin so it’s baby soft
  • Magic Serum – a thin silky serum to hydrate the skin
  • Cry-recovery eye serum – a cooling effect from the roller ball
  • Magic cream – a cult product which instantly hydrates the face and creates the perfect base
  • Magic lip oil – this was a dream! It made my lips feel so nourished, soft and rather plump when applying lipstick


Blend, blend and blend again! Create gorgeous, glowy looking skin



  • Brow lift – Medium Brown. Using this angled pencil, she recommended I extend the look of my brows
  • Legendary brows – soft brown. Fortunately she said my brows were already so full, so this helps grab all the baby hairs
  • Brow fix – not something I’ve used before, and it didn’t leave me with crunchy brows!


  • Eyes to mesmerise – rose gold. Wow. I truly was mesmerised
  • Luxury palette – Exagger-Eyes. Not a palette I would’ve picked out, but the shades all work perfectly for day and night
  • Classic eyeliner – classic black. The softest eye pencil I’ve ever used, which doesn’t drag on the eye lid.
  • Pillowtalk pushup lashes mascara – black. A great improvement from the legendary lashes I tried once which sadly smudged every time
  • Pop shade – rose gold. I am in LOVE with this! So much that I also got the Diamond Eyes shade too


  • Lip cheat – Pillow talk. I’ve had this before and it suits every lip colour
  • Hot Lips 2 – Dancefloor Princess. I don’t wear much lipstick, so this was a beautiful surprise. It was super nourishing and didn’t leave a line on my lips, even after a few hours

I love everything about these products, albeit very spenny… Check out my next blog post where I’ll share my top 5 CT products for glowy, flawless skin, plus a look at what’s in my basket for Black Friday!


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