Can you really get whiter teeth in an hour?

My parents recently got back from America, where I gave them some dosh to get me some Crest Teeth Whitening strips, something I’ve been intrigued by and wanted to try ever since discussing it with the hygienist who recommended them. I think I’ve read that items like this aren’t sold in the UK as much due to regulations, where only certain levels of hydrogen peroxide are allowed. Again, I’d be sure to speak to a dental professional before proceeding.

In my opinion, the majority of Americans I’ve met have very nice teeth, which is what I want too!

In the end, despite me recommending they got to Walmart, they got a 2-pack for the same price from Costco at $48 (about £42). It contains 10 treatments of 1-hour express strips (12 levels whiter and you can use up to 2 kits per year); and 20 treatments of 45 minutes strips which you use over an extended period of time for a more ‘Professional Effect’ (18 levels whiter). These are also sold of Amazon.com, but I didn’t want the faff of buying and risking potential customs fees.

How does it work?

First off, legal stuff! A mini disclaimer:

Read the instructions and proceed with caution before use. If unsure, speak with your dentist like I did (who actually recommended these!). Do not use if under 18 years of age. Do not use immediately after brushing your teeth. My gums were fine during and after use – be mindful if you’ve major gum/teeth sensitivity. Brush your teeth twice daily.

Okay, now the review! I’ll be sure to review the 45-minute strips another time, but for now, we’ll focus on the 1-hour version.

In the pack are 10 packs of sticky strips. When opened, you have 1 strip for the top set of teeth, and another for the bottom. They’re fairly simple to use by peeling them off and applying them to each set, folding it over. They’re quite sticky so they kept sticking to my hands! But once on the teeth, they didn’t come off.

I brushed my teeth and used mouthwash and floss before to ensure a clean base before, although it advises not to do this immediately prior.

Leave them to sit on the teeth for 1 hour and try to refrain from speaking; it’s a tad difficult to talk but not impossible! I will mention that I noticed a tangy taste on my tongue within the first 10 minutes, however this soon subsided. My gums were fine during and after, and still are a few days later as I write this.

Does it work? What are the results?!

Whilst it isn’t a pleasant experience, it is very easy to use. It felt like I had a retainer in my mouth but is soon revealed a smidge of a whiter smile! The strips didn’t wrap the whole way round to the back of my mouth, but were long enough to cover the ones that would be on show when I smile.

What do you think – do you notice any difference? Will you be trying these out?

I’ll be reviewing the ‘Professional Effects’ ones eventually, so be sure to check back here soon.

You can also check out my YouTube video for a brief before and after, plus how to apply and remove the strips!

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