Get £10 free! Kind of? The app you need to save money everyday

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In this post, I want to share how you can potentially save a lot of money each year (I don’t want to say hundreds, but it is possible depending on how much you spend across a year).

Read on to see how you can get a free £10 at the end.

Now, please bear with me in this post as there are a lot of things to cover, but it quite simply is very easy – in the end! Don’t be put off by it!

One of the main things I like to feature on my blog is ways to save money on dupe products. The cost-of-living crisis is real, so for many folks it means cutting back on a few things, or findings a few pennies here and there. It’s not something to be brushed over, which is why I’m here to share how you can save a few more pounds and pennies.

Many of us shop online, so I see this as a chance to tell you to jump on the band wagon and make use of cashback, specifically TopCashback, if you haven’t already.

What is cashback?

Cashback, how I like to explain it, is getting a discount, but you have to wait a few weeks for it to clear and meet some criteria before it is paid back to you.

How does it work?

Affiliate marketing.

I managed to dive into this during my uni degree, but it means having a ‘tracker URL’ which means when a user clicks on a specific link, it tracks their cookies and what they (eventually) purchase. Depending on the company’s criteria, they will see if the user has met them, before a small sum of cash is paid back to them, usually after a few weeks.

TopCashback is basically the middle-man between you and the vendor, making sure the vendor gets traffic to its site, and you get your cashback!

With TopCashback, it means installing a little extension into your browser, so when you type something in, it will come up with all the sites listed and the percentage of cashback they offer – it saves you a lot of time instead of having to search through the TopCashback site each time!

What can stop you getting cashback?

It’s all in the small print and depends on each vendor/company. Some restrict certain codes being used and may even have some products/services excluded. It can often be a ‘chance it’ opportunity.

Why should you use a cashback site?

You can save on pretty much anything and everything!

It’s a great tool for saving on items that you would otherwise be buying anyway, including groceries, insurance (these pay out big time!), gifts, experiences, dining and more. As Christmas approaches and you still want to get gifts for someone – and can afford it – you can save money on all sorts of things, including gift cards and get instore and online cashback.

I really recommend TopCashback as it not only has a plethora of participating vendors, it gives you the chance to pay a little fee to gain access to bigger cashback percentages and more vendors. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but I go for this every time as you make the money back and more over time.

You can install the app on your phone, but I find it is more user friendly on a desktop/laptop.

An edited example of what will appear when your visit has been recorded – main points of interest are the tops row, plus the

How do I get that free £10 Lizzie?!

The legal ins and outs

It is free – almost.

This is an affiliate link, meaning I will get some commission/renumeration from it. This will be at no extra cost to you and is paid out by TopCashback for me referring you to their site.

There are, however, some conditions before it is paid out to you.

Once you sign up via this link, the payout will only occur if you buy something online through TopCashback AND have met some criteria. Once you’ve ticked the boxes and met a vendor’s criteria, you’ll get a notification letting you know how much money is heading your way. In a few weeks’ time, it’s yours! Then you simply transfer it into your bank account.

Don’t be down about waiting for the payout – time flies by and you’ll get it in no time!

What’s even better, is that you too can earn money! Simply go to your account, then ‘Tell a Friend’ tab, where you will both receive money for referring and accepting a referral code!

Every time you shop online, make sure to use the TopCashback prompts on screen so your activity can be tracked and money lands in your wallet.

Still have questions?

Learn more on TopCashback’s site here.

Click here to get access to TopCashback and claim your free £10!

You can also scan this QR code!

I hope you found this useful. Let me know how you get on in the comments!

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