BALI DAY 6 – Seminyak to Uluwatu

This was a very chilled day, with no plans apart from leaving Seminyak and heading to Uluwatu, down towards the South of Bali – at the much quieter end!

After our final breakfast together at the hotel, we said goodbye to the staff (honestly, if you’re looking to stay somewhere and don’t mind paying a tad more, this is the place! The staff are incredible and the facilities were perfect) before getting a taxi to Ulu.

Despite trying to get the same hotel as my friends (Rock ‘n’ Reef), I was unsuccessful and got one a 15-minute walk away at Padang Padang Inn. It turns out I’d been spoilt back in Seminyak – you get what you pay for.

This hotel was still great. I had a comfy bed, an en-suite and a balcony. It had a generous sized pool, but I fancied chilling with my friends at theirs for the remaining days, especially as it was right on the beach – the only downside was that it was down many, many steps!

By this point I was quite hungry, and with no plans, the day was mine. I walked down the road where there were a few cafes and shops. I picked up a more Western-vibe around here, where it was a tad pricier and there were many young people working away of their laptops, the epitome of embracing the Bali lifestyle – love it!

I popped into The Loft and finally got a coffee! O m g. It was… sensational.

Dear reader, I do not know if it was the few days absence of quality coffee or the fact that it was so good, but I couldn’t quite believe what I was tasting as it passed my lips.

But hell, this is not a porno on coffee. Calm down, Liz.

If you are a coffee fan like moi, it was Nomad Coffee, and came in at about £10 (200k IDR) a canister. For lunch I got a sweet potato chicken bowl (£7.80 including a coffee). I’ve heard about people getting poorly in Indonesia due to food not being cooked right – I checked mine and the first bit of chicken was raw! As I cut through every bit of chicken, it was fortunately cooked and I wolfed the rest down. I’m pleased to report there was no poorly tummy during my trip 🙂 A very nourishing dish (and coffee!).

With a full tum and fulfilled coffee palate (stop it Liz), I went to my friends’ hotel by GoJek. If you’re not familiar, it’s basically Bali’s version of Uber, although it’s more common to get on a moped, which I did. For 11k IDR, it worked at out less than £1 and gave me a chance to quick scout the route back, for when I walked. (Grab is also another popular transport app).

After a few hours of reading and chilling near the waves in the evening Bali sun, I headed back to my hotel back up the MANY steps (omg my knees after that) and got ready for dinner. We headed across the road from my hotel to Cempaka for a budget, super yummy dinner!

I got a red thai curry and sprite for 80k (£4.32), before bidding thee goodnight for my first night in the super chilled Uluwatu.

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