BALI DAY 5 – Visiting Nusa Penida, Broken Beach + Crystal Bay

One of the most exciting days!

After meeting Baim on my first full day, we managed to secure a sleek, efficient tour through him to visit the wonderful island of Nusa Penida off the South-East coast of Bali.

For 700k each (£37.80) (you can get good deals when there are a few of you), we got picked up from our hotel, a boat transfer there and back, lunch, plus a driver (a quiet fellow named Komang) who took us around the island.

It was an early get up, where the hotel prepared us a takeaway breakfast which we’d pre-ordered, before heading with Baim to the bustling ferry port. The boat trip took about 40 minutes and… wow. It was beautiful. Crystal blue waters and pretty much what you’d picture for a tropical island, with boats bobbing in the waves.

It was a hot one all day, where we were grateful for the air con in the car (how British), even if the trip was a bit of a bumpy and windy one! Komang drove us to Billabong/Broken Beach first, where he gave us a time at each spot to meet up to continue to the next stop. You can’t go to the beaches, but you can see them from above as the waves would crash into you!

Next, I think we had lunch, but it wasn’t too memorable. Some of the food wasn’t hot and I didn’t want to risk food poisoning 😦

Then onto Kelingking Beach – the one I was most looking forward to! This is the iconic picture spot you’ll see appear online and on social media. And I can see why! It’s a long way down to get close with the silky white sands and clear sea – it was truly beautiful, but we only saw it from above. We didn’t have time to go up and down, but it’s about 30 mins down and 45 back up. The people who’d made it to the top were breathless and sweating, so make sure you’re sure you want to do it, especially in the heat!

We wanted to dip in the sea as we felt pretty grim and sweaty ourselves by this point, so we told Komang we wanted to go to Crystal Bay sooner, as he originally said Kelingking would be the last stop which confused us. Finally, we got there! It was still a beautiful moment, where us 3 managed to sunbathe and run into the waves. It was a tad rocky on the feet, but the water was so welcome and warm, yet cool enough at the same time.

It brings a smile to my face even now, remembering the sounds of the waves and drums from the local band, the smell of the heat and the beach, along with the sun blessing and beaming down on us. What a perfect moment. Not even the suncream + sand moments could ruin it! It was truly breath-taking and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be there. I made sure to sit there and embrace everything as it would be a long time before I return – but I will make sure I return, for sure.

Our time was almost up on Nusa Penida, where Komang took us back to the ferry port where we joined other bronzed tourists, equally tired from the jam-packed day. The sun really takes it out of you! My mouth might have fallen open a few times as I caught a few winks…

Baim dropped us back at the hotel, but we’d be seeing him in a few days anyway. After a welcome shower, we took a short walk down the street to a Greek restaurant. There’s a place similar to where I live and I love the food, so this was a very welcome choice! I went for a chicken gyro, some halloumi and a Sprite, all for a bit more at 212k (£11.45), followed by ice cream on the way back (35k = £1.89).

And dear reader, I am pleased to say I slept like a baby, and was now on Bali time.

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