BALI DAY 7 – Embracing the Bali life + tanlines

I knew it was going to be a great day when the sun beamed onto the pool as I opened the curtains. And a hot one too!

Despite the delicious curry the night before, I was hungry.

Close to The Loft, I headed to ours which screamed Bali vibes! It’s pretty much what I would like my future house to look like – if I’m lucky enough to afford one!

Think rattan furniture, big open windows-doors, open plan, white, bright and airy.

Whilst it didn’t make me salivate like the Nomad coffee, ours’ still hit the spot, along with some (very filling) quinoa oats, topped with a duper cute mango flower, strawberries, banana and syrup – yummy! (125k = £6.75)

Again, it was a super chilled day where I headed to my friends’ hotel and sat by the waves, again, reading my books, and embracing the soothing, twinkling waves. It was the ultimate tanning day, where the sun did not stop shining – it was hot. I’m not complaining! Let’s just say I got through a lot of suncream!

There was a tiny pool, but perfect for needing to cool down quickly. I inevitably got a bit peckish at around lunch and got some fries (35k = £1.89), where my obsession with their plates and spicy ketchup began…

There wasn’t much else to report (compared to day 8) as we continued to longue about in the sun topping up our tans, before meeting again for dinner at Pok Pok for a… you guessed it, I got a red thai curry (70k including Sprite = £3.78). You can’t go wrong with it! All served in super cute coconut bowls.

A short walk down the road by The Loft, we headed to the Gelato Factory (1 scoop for 30k = £1.62) before heading back, ready for an early start and the next busy day.

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