BALI DAY 4 – A day in Kuta, turtle releasing, markets + massages

Off to explore a little of Bali down the road.

It was a basking hot day as we treaded down the sandy Seminyak beach to Kuta. It took us just over an hour, the sand burning our feet at times. There was of course the flurry of people trying to selling something every 5 to 10 metres, with us politely declining each time.

Kuta is the ‘city’ part of Bali, so it was much busier than Seminyak. We mainly went there for the turtle releasing, but that didn’t open until later in the day. In the meantime, we spent some time at Beachwalk Shopping Centre where I grabbed a Starbucks cinnamon roll (28k = £1.50) and got a shower gel from Bath & Body Works (272k = £14.70. Upon reflection, I should not have got that).

Next to the shopping centre, is a whole strip of markets full of Bali bags, clothing, handbags, trinkets and more. I even got my hair braided (haggled down to 80k from 100k, where we even enjoyed their air con), as well as an hour massage for 100k (£5!). It wasn’t your usual oily, spa-like experience, but I still felt a lot better coming out of there than when I went in. Let me tell you, those girls really know how to massage – ow! They got all the knots and some of the tension out.

For a few hours, we headed to the beach for some sunshine and a splash in the warm waves. Now, I understand the locals try to make a living selling bracelets etc, and they will pounce on you like crows as you get a sunbed (I think it was 50k for 3 hours this time), where these 2 women would not leave us alone! To get them away, I ended buying 3 bracelets for 100k (£5) that I didn’t even want or need, but just remember – a firm no. I kind of wish I laid on my front and ignored them now. Hey ho.

Later on, we finally got to the turtle releasing which is very popular. It was very busy, so get there about 20 mins before I’d say. It doesn’t ‘cost’ anything to do it, but they highly welcome any donations. You all queue up, collect your baby turtle (cute!) and line up on the beach to release them into the sea! I named mine Rosie, so best of luck to her! For every 1000 released, only 1 survives 😦

I’m pleased to say dinner was another winner – we went to Sea Circus! This time, the 3 of us and we even got chatting to a wonderful Aussie couple who go to Bali (and around the world!) very frequently. I got a quesadilla, a sprite and some ice cream – yum! All for 190k = £10.26

I think you can slowly see I’d become completely besotted with Bali.

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