BALI DAY 3 – another chilled day + market exploring

Another relaxing day in Seminyak awaits.

If I recall, I had breakfast on my own which was bliss. That’s not to say I dislike my friends’ company, I just also find my own company fine!

Not a lot happened. We chilled by the hotel pool as the sun dipped in and out of the clouds. I read some of my book, topped up my tan and made sure to relax. My friend told me off for napping, and let me tell you… that was hard to ignore! The jet lag was still really bad at this point.

I was a little bit hungry and wanted some lunch, so I headed out to Sea Circus – a bit farther than I’d intended – but omg it was so worth it! I had chicken tacos (60k £3.24) and a delicious, refreshing berry smoothie to-go (40k £2.16) which was welcome in the heat. For reference when you eat out in Bali, because of Covid, there is a tax and service charge in most place, so it all came to 116k (£6.26) – really not bad in my opinion. It hit the spot.

On the way back, of course I dropped by the Flea Market! After the recent boost of my haggled purchases, I swung by a few more stalls and got myself some ‘Ray-Bans’! If you’re wary about purchasing sunglasses, make sure to test the UV filters. The lady selling them to me showed me an image, where pictures of birds would only show when I had the glasses on – handy! This was one of my longest haggles, where I really didn’t want to pay more than 200k – for 2 pairs… This was a bit of a cheeky one, where they said the cheaper ones were 100k (£5) each, not my branded ones. It got to the point where I couldn’t be bothered to budge anymore so I started walking away – we settled on 195k for the 2.

You may have seen in my YouTube video, they will take you for a ride, so if they aren’t budging, you can just walk away as you will most likely find the same product somewhere else.

On the way back, there were loads of massage places offering their services. I was so tempted, but I just wanted to get back and enjoy the sun. Most are around the £5 mark if you do!

In the evening, we were keen to catch the sunset. Seminyak is the perfect place to see it as it is on the West side of the island. It was very busy, but worth it. You only have to look at the pictures.

Dinner was a long walk down the beach as the sun set behind us. I can’t remember where, but it was a long walk there and I was pretty sad. It was still nice, but I didn’t expect it to be broth-like (84k = £4.54). Ah well – I guess I’d been spoilt by the food I’d already had!

Before we all turned in for the night, I professed my need for melatonin or some miracle to ‘cure’ my jetlag. There was a pharmacy just across from the hotel, but they didn’t have any. Fair enough – I’d just have to suck it up. But no, I couldn’t quite believe it when the pharmacist summoned someone from the street to ‘help me out’… LOL if you’ve worked it out, they were indeed planning to offer me some devil’s lettuce. It was a polite, firm ‘No.’ from me.

I only laugh when I recall that back – that’s probably what helped me sleep a little better that night.

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