I’ve briefly written about using Mario Badescu before, but this time I’ve managed to get my hands on a few more products thanks to the wonderful invention of Facebook Marketplace, where I managed to get some goodies for £10 (everything apart from the drying lotion)!

I’m guessing they were part of a gift pack as they were smaller in size, but anyhow – what were they like?

Drying lotion 29ml RRP £16.25

You can read my initial thoughts about the Drying Lotion here, however after having been stuck with the same bottle for nearly 2 years (which I should probably throw away), I can honestly say I see no major change in spots or blemishes when I use this. Boots do a budget option for £6, but I can’t imagine I will be trying this.

Facial Spray 59ml RRP £4.95

The only spray I use in my makeup and skincare routine is in the former to set my foundation (a budget makeup brand does the job). This Badescu option aims to hydrate and refresh the skin with scents of aloe, sage and orange blossom. I won’t lie, like the whole range, I found its scent quite medicinal and sterile. The pump is brilliant and gets the whole face equally, although sometimes in the hair so be mindful, but not so great if I want to be reminded of going to a hospital.

Enzyme Cleansing Gel 118ml (236ml RRP £13.25)

Following on from the sterile, medicinal scent, the same goes with this product. This size is handy for taking off makeup and cleaning my face when travelling and great for all skin types. Again, I find myself trying to use this up for the sake of it, instead of enjoying it.

Silver Powder 14g (RRP 16g £11.50)

Right, you’ve probably guessed it by now… I LOVED it! Wait, what? No, only kidding. This was probably the messiest product of the range. More fool me for thinking this was a ready-made face mask – ‘powder’ should’ve been a hint, Lizzie…

Despite following the instructions to dip a ‘water-dampened cotton pad into the powder’, I found this so bloomin’ messy and a right faff! It didn’t settle onto the pad enough, nor my skin for it to create any thickness to stick. Instead, I tried mixing a bit of water with the powder in the lid – it was difficult to gauge the consistency, but of what I did manage to get on my skin, it kept blowing off and onto my clothes. Great, now it looks like I’ve been snorting you know what.

Did my skin feel any better? Take a wild guess, my friends.

Overall, I am sad to say I am not a big fan of these products (shock, right?). I got these after the hype and think it has since gone down… I haven’t heard any more on these products, have you? Maybe there’s a reason…

Did you enjoy these? Maybe you had a better experience that I did!

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