Whenever you receive a parcel, you may receive some extra leaflets and vouchers with codes to claim a free box or sample (in the UK at least). This happened with a Graze voucher where I got the first one free, and the second for just over £4… so what’s the verdict?

Is it worth it and will I get it again?

There are different types of boxes you can choose, where you can tailor your preferences online so they get an idea of the type of box you’d like next time. I chose the low-calorie option where each of the 4 punnets in my box were 150 calories or less. You can also send personalised boxing and send subscriptions as a gift.

It’s a simple concept, where you can choose how often and on what day you receive it through the post.

Here are my thoughts on each of the punnets I have tried so far from my 2 boxes…

Salted chocolate crunch creations [no pic, sorry]

Milk chocolate coated corn and peas, pretzel bites and lightly salted peas

130 kcal


Decent blend of salt and chocolate

Lightly spicy veggie protein power

Chilli corn, dried carrot crisps, roasted black beans and wild rice sticks



Eugh, these weren’t too great. My pup Harry however, was pawing me for more of the carrot and corn!

Cocoa and hazelnut pretzel dipper (there really is no way for me to avoid it looking like sticks dipped in poo)

Light salted pretzel sticks with a cocoa and hazelnut dip

142 kcal


Kind of like Nutella, but a less oily version, with mini bread sticks

Lemon almond cookies

Lemon almond cookies and special blend black tea

103 kcal


Yum, these felt quite refreshing without the artificial sugar slump after

Dark chocolate brownie

Chocolate brownie made with ground almonds, beetroot and dark chocolate

138 kcal


Bland, nor did I like the texture. Almost like a cake instead of brownie

Lightly sea salted crunch

Lightly sea salted peas, corn and broad beans with crunchy pretzel bites

128 kcal


Harry liked them more than me for sure

Belgian speculoos dipper

Cinnamon pretzel sticks with a creamy Belgian speculoos cookie sip

122 kcal


Yum, my bro and I liked this. It’s basically biscoff with mini bread sticks

Lemon and poppyseed cake with an afternoon blend [no pic, sorry]

Zingy lemon poppy seed cake served with a unique graze infusion tea


Really didn’t rate this. It was quite dry and similar to the texture of the chocolate brownie

So, did you gather my verdict?

The jury’s out – it’s a no from me.

I have since cancelled my Graze subscription. Why?

Even though each punnet works out to just over £1 each, there are tastier snacks I can get in the supermarket for even less.

Sadly, none of the punnets made me think ‘Oh yeah, I want that again!’, nor were any of them a stand out 5/5 for me.

How about you – have you given Graze a go?

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