During my unhappy time on placement, I decided to upskill myself which included the creation of this blog. As well as this, I came across MasterClass, an online subscription service where celebrities provide advice / lessons. I did some um-ing and ah-ing as the membership cost for £14.17 a month (works out at £170 a year!), with the option to share a free membership to someone else (lucky them!).

MasterClass – classes and teachers

What’s included?

Once you purchase your membership, there is no limit to how many lessons you can watch – you just need time on your side if you wish to watch them all! Many celebrity masterclasses are added every few weeks, so there is always something to watch.

Each celebrity class varies in length, with lessons (sometimes up to 20) of 5 to 20 minutes each. Each class is broken up into modules, featuring your teacher in a video before setting an activity in the accompanying class resources, often a pdf workbook.  There is a community forum for each class, where members can discuss their learnings and thoughts on the activities.

There is also a ‘My Progress’ tab which helps you keep track on the number of modules you’ve watched, completed and classes ‘mastered’. There is a nudge to ‘keep watching’ or ‘get reinspired’ for classes you have started but not finished.

There are hundreds of celebrity masterclasses available and quite literally thousands of lessons. It is up to you how much you make the most of your membership.

MasterClass – My Progress


After mastering the Natalie Portman class, it became clear to me that the celebrities are merely providing advice based on their successful experience.

It is mainly theory-based, as the activities will only help you do so much as you do not have the resources to immediately become a ‘chef’, ‘published author’ or ‘actor’ for instance.

Ideally, this is for someone who has time, looking to learn something in their spare time

Shonda Rhimes – MasterClass module video list

Who’s teaching?

Some of the celeb classes available:

– Alicia Keys –
– Gordon Ramsay –
– Natalie Portman –
– Helen Mirren –
– Margaret Atwood –
– Timbaland –
– Shonda Rhimes –
– RuPaul –

Here are some of the areas providing lessons:

– Arts & Entertainment (acting, photography, songwriting and producing) –
– Music –
– Business –
– Sports & Gaming –
– Writing –
– Science & Tech –
– Wellness (Yoga, Sex and communication) –
– Food –
– Home & Lifestyle –
– Community & Government –

MasterClass progress

Is it worth the money?

naaa – unless you have time on your side and money to fork out each month. (Something a lot of us do NOT have sadly)

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