I managed to finish one of my many charity shop purchases. This is a story about a brother and sister separated when they were young due to the social service system.

Kerry, a cleaner and single-mum in a small London flat, is literally half a world away from her brother based just a short while away in Notting Hill as a barrister, living in quite the contrast deluxe house.

Now it seems evident that the plot is for the two to be reunited: I can let you know this happens very early on, glossing over how Kerry used a private detective to locate Noah (or Jason, as she knows her younger brother by). It makes you wonder, what is left of the story?

However, we soon find out why Kerry contacted Noah. 

Gayle captures the wonderful mother-son relationship between Kerry and Kian, who is the light of her life, as well as difficulties Noah is facing in his marriage to Rosalind which relates back to his childhood.

We follow the pair try to find Noah’s birth dad, as well as their blossoming relationship which I can only imagine is difficult as it is partly forced, when Noah does not remember a lot of Kerry at all.

Picture this: you’ve been contacted by a relative you didn’t even know you had and they now want to be a part of your life. Could you ignore a blood relative, as close as a sibling?

The plot seems a little predictable and farfetched at times, but nevertheless was a sad tale focusing on the realities of what this may be like for some siblings separated at a young age.

rating – 3/5
genre – urban fiction, domestic fiction

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