My boyfriend recommends a lot of things, including books. I’m not one to immediately pick up a thriller book, or ‘who dunnit’, but love watching tv series. when I picked up these Lucy Foley books, I was instantly hooked! I believe these are her two most recent novels, both featuring small groups of people in isolated places, where they all know each other, but one person meets an unfortunate fate… 

The Guest List

The first novel of Foley’s I read and a hit in ‘Reese’s Book Club’. this is set on an island off the coast of Ireland, where a wedding is taking place between a reality star and magazine publisher. driven by corruption, sex and hidden secrets, Foley captures the atmosphere perfectly.

the chapters vary from different points of view, switching between the past and present as we learn more about who dies, how everyone knows each other and what secrets they are keeping.

rating – 4/5

genre – thriller, crime

The Hunting Party

I didn’t rush through this one as quickly as the first, however I was still hooked, albeit a little slow. the net of friends involved in a Scottish house over New Year’s is the perfect, isolated setting to commit a murder.

as I read more, I slowly began to come up with a picture of each character, crossing off potential suspects, including the red herrings thrown in. I guessed who it was quite early on, yet it didn’t stop me from the shock as we see how and why it has got to that point. Foley’s writing style continues to write from different perspectives and switches between the past and present.

rating – 3.5/5

genre – thriller

I look forward to reading more of her novels.

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