study + focus tips

this post was inspired by a blog post I wrote for my uni – I will be happy to share the link at a later date!

The global pandemic has seen as all change our ways of working and studying as we spend more time at home. 

I was on placement when it started and since it ended, I have finished, had time off and returned to online studying for my final year of university. I won’t lie, it has taken me some getting used to, particularly on placement where I was used to having a structure and seeing people at work.

Nevertheless, I have built up better discipline during my uni year, which I would say is down to my placement.

it isn’t human for us to stay focused for a long time – we are not robots and even they need recharging!

If you are still struggling, here are some of my tips which I have found to help me:

Get up early: I have taught myself to be a morning person, which is when I am most productive. if you aren’t, maybe now is the time to carpe diem! This is a good time to use your energy whilst you are feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Take regular breaks: I have got into a routine of setting a timer for 40 minutes and have a 10-15 minute break after. My productivity has noticeably improved in my work and my mood. These times may change for you, so try a few different timer lengths.

Have a calendar: this helped me SO much during placement. By having a schedule of when seminars and lectures are, I am able to book out times for when I am going to study and what I am going to focus on.

Get away from your computer / book – when you have a break, do something to get away from your current work. If you’re in a small space like, try to go into another room.

Change up your environment (if you can) – I have recently moved into an office at home which has helped separate work from relaxing, as I was previously in the living room/kitchen area which left me feeling unmotivated and uncomfortable where I would end up eating food. This also made it difficult separate work and social life at the end of the day.

Relax – I still find this hard, but I am still learning! Everyone’s way of relaxing is different; mine just happens to be when I am busy by writing blog posts, baking, exercising or eating… 

Sleep – this should not be ignored. It is important for mental and physical health. And it’s a cool time for you to dream; what’s not to like?! 

What do you do to stay focused?

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