Upon looking on my (now favourite) Goodreads app, I saw that this book has rave reviews. It has been sat on my Kindle from the moment I got it about 5 years ago and I have finally managed to read it – in quick succession indeed!

The first page instantly hit me and I knew it would be a book that I would enjoy. It is a tale written as if you feel like you are the narrator, witnessing a fairy-tale unveiling into a witty, dark and temptuous story of romance, drama and of course, magic

A star has fallen, which young Tristran Thorn sees as a sign to capture it to win the heart of Victoria Forester. We follow him on his journey as he finds the star, known as the beautiful Yvaine, with a mission to take her back to his love, only for us to see them deal with the difficulties of Septimus (seeking the stone Yvaine wears as a key to the Stormhold kingdom) and the witch-queen searching for her, whilst following a love story.

This popular fantasy novel and its 2007 film adaptation are rather different, yet both are amazing in extraordinary ways. The captivating film features A-listers Ricky Gervais, Robert de Niro, Mark Strong and the irresistible Michelle Pfeiffer, although I feel the film focuses too much on her and De Niro’s character, who is only in the book for part of a chapter.

I would say the book is far darker and more aimed at an older audience compared to the film, opting for more family-friendly viewing and a dramatic, happier ending. 

*Spoiler incoming* We read that the witch-queen lives on in the book and Tristran’s mum, Una, is not reunited with Dunstan, yet she goes on to rule the kingdom for a bit; rather different from the film’s tidy, endearing ending. 

This is a book I wish I had read sooner, as I am sure my young mind would have had a different opinion, however I loved it nonetheless and even gave it a 5-star recommendation! Such a beautiful, charming novel.

I look forward to reading his others including Coraline (also a film, which I like) and Neverwhere.

Will you give it a go?

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