you may have noticed a few more #LizzieReads posts have been published recently. and I will admit there are even MORE coming your way!

the fact is that I ADORE reading.

And, I can’t believe I hadn’t made use of goodreads, a platform for rating, reviewing and keeping track of books you have read. I only came across this from my boyf’s recommendation and I am now obsessed with it! I have set myself a challenge of reading 40 books this year and I’m already 10 books in. you can follower others so you can see what your friends, family and fave celebs are reading and recommending.

reading is a form of escape and way of stimulating creativity in my ever-imaginative mind. it helps take care of my mental health indefinitely and is just an important skill to have as a means of widening one’s opinions, awareness and experience.

the dream would be to write for a living, with the ultimate goal to have a book of my own published… (and that is something I aim to make happen)

I will still blog about stuff I like, like beauty, mental health and my goings-on when things are back to ‘normal’. this is just a heads up if you subscribed for a different reason, which I totally respect if your interests have changed (: maybe some of you newbies will follow me on this journey as I read and write about some of the books I’ve been loving and recommend!

see you in the next post!!


are there any books that you would recommend….?

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