I get that we are pretty much half way through march (already?!), but it still means there is time to suggest some good tv and films to watch whilst we are still inside keeping out of the cold and away from a certain virus!

of course, there is a plethora that I would recommend, but I have streamlined it for now. there’s always next month!


official secrets

official secrets (2019)
Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes are reunited (after the success of ‘The Duchess’ in 2008, one of my favourite films!) for this film based on the true events of whistleblower Katharine Gun, (played by Knightley) for exposing a memo from within the British Secret Services regarding illegal spying and potential blackmail, to support an invasion on Iraq. Matt Smith plays journalist Martin Bright who helps to get it published, but sees it fall into disarray…

It is a captivating, tense film. I would recommend researching it after, so you can find out what really happened (a film is a dramatisation after all!)

the gentlemen (2019)
a peculiar film directed by guy Ritchie. it demonstrates his typical style: backstreets, guns, gangs, drugs, corruption.
I’m still unsure of what actually happened, yet I cannot help laughing at Hugh Grant’s hilarious character, which is very different from his typical ‘posh boy’ typecasting.
I believe Michelle Dockery uses her real-life accent with a tad more cockney added – gone is Downton’s Lady Mary!
if you’ve watched Gangs of London, I would put these along the same lines. the slight difference is that Matthew McConaughey is in charge of a hidden drug farm (obviously) and needs it to stay that way.
it is daft, yet funny and Colin Farrell is brilliant as a somewhat likeable ‘mobster’
watch it and see if you can make more sense of it than me!


interstellar (2014)
another film featuring Matthew McConaughey – it is only a coincidence! my boyfriend and I watched this using a random movie voucher.
I usually find space movies quite lonely to watch so I was a tad hesitant. nevertheless, I was gripped (whilst doing a puzzle!) and there was a surprise appearance from an a-lister which I was not expecting!
the director, Christopher Nolan, who is known for his confusing plot twists between time travel and space certainly had my head spinning. it is one you may end up watching very closely…


bbc traces

bbc traces
I am a bbc drama fan and like police / crime / mystery.
this short miniseries stars Molly Windsor, who also starred in more of my favourite dramas (BBC Three Girls, ITV Cheat).
Windsor plays a forensic scientist who soon uncovers her mother’s death has been used as an example for an education video. whilst investigating a fire at a nightclub, we soon meet characters who may, or may not, be involved in her mother’s death and the recent fire… will she find out who?

itv the bay
oooh now this one, I will admit I thought the first series was ‘okay’. after watching series 2, I may have to go back and rewatch the first to find out if I was perhaps too judgemental?
this second series had me gripped, right from the moment Stephen Tompkinson made an appearance in the first episode. the filming is similar to happy valley and Broadchurch (my all time favourite police drama). **spoiler** my heart dropped as the camera zoomed in on the car reverse lights, as you beg it just won’t happen… (watch it, you’ll see what I mean!)
there are various twists and turns in a murder case, learning the characters perhaps aren’t all they seem, whilst we also follow DC Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) having to deal with the appearance of her ex-partner and DI Tony Manning facing the end of his marriage.
im also pleased they’ve confirmed a 3rd series!

Netflix Bridgerton

Netflix – Bridgerton
more like BINGE-rton!
I am a sucker for period pieces and when I saw Shondaland (Shonda Rhimes whose book changed my life) had a part in its production, I knew it would be great! I love the fact it represents diversity which, if anything, makes it all the more better!
it is a light hearted take on pride and prejudice I would say, with a little more woohoo! than Austen would have included in her pieces. Daphne and Simon are a somewhat mismatched, yet wonderful couple, perfected by the great acting of Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevor (Sally’s daughter from Corrie if you’re interested).
the script is witty and the setting is perfect with humour, tragedy and romance all combined.
I am so happy they have confirmed there will be a second series. I also intend to read the book!

Apple TV for all mankind

Apple TV – for all mankind
another space thing. I have been watching this through the boyf.
set in the 70s – 80s (there are 2 series), it follows America trying to get a woman to the moon after Russia’s success.
we follow them going through the rigorous training, whilst dealing with the biases against women at the time and complexities of relationships, spying, control room mayhem and of course, trouble in space.
I was gripped as we see some characters lose their mind on the moon, whilst others fight, try to suffocate each other and deal with death back at home on earth. all the typical space drama you need.
I can’t quite believe how much they manage to fit into each episode, but its success is evident with a 2nd series available, set 10 years later.

what are YOU watching this month?

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