Moschino Toy2

This week I bring you a recent purchase of mine that to be honest, I bought on a whim which I rarely do with perfumes!

I’d heard of Moschino Toy2 briefly – who can forget a cute bottle like this! Luckily, I found it on Boots for half price, so I ended up getting the 100ml bottle cheaper than the 30ml! Plus, hear this, I managed to use my student discount AND a voucher they sent me in the post.

In the end I paid £34.42 for a product that should have been £85!

I understand it can be a tad tricky buying perfumes online, especially if you haven’t given them a sniff yet. Fortunately I read the notes and scents which resonated with my preferences, before I took the leap. Obviously if you have access to a shop nearby with the perfume in stock, give it a sniff and let it settle on your skin to see if still smells divine!

And what a successful leap that was! This fragrance has joined Lady Million in my top favourite perfumes. I feel ultra feminine and spring-like whenever I put this on.

One tip I have when trying and purchasing new perfumes is to be in a good mood (weird advice, I know!). I have found that this has worked with many of my perfumes which I introduced during a happy time of my life, to then remind me of that feeling again when I put it on! (it’s evident when I have also been at an unhappy point, where I now refuse to wear perfumes around that time – my poor Molecule 01…)

In fact, the Harvard Gazette postulates that emotion and memories and intertwined with scents, which is why you may feel nostalgic about the school field when you smell freshly cut grass.

Toy2 describes itself as a ‘floral woody scent’
top – mandarin, Granny Smith apple + magnolia
heart – jasmine petals, peony + white currant
base – amber-wood + sandalwood

This has become a staple in my ‘perfume closet’ – who can resist the cute bear!

If you’re already hooked, get it now at Boots whilst it is on offer!

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