a controversial being for this week’s post: Piers Morgan. probably a marmite person for most people.

I’ve always been intrigued by Morgan, initially hating his attitude and interviewing style. however, since growing up and viewing him more in the media, I have come to somewhat admire and agree with his style. he gets to the nitty-gritty where others fail to do so, making for great tv viewing, including his ‘life stories’ series. don’t get me wrong, there are some things he says which make me flinch, yet a lot of what he says I am sure the nation agrees with: I guess he says what those beings are thinking.

when I heard ‘WAKE UP’ was out, I jumped at the chance to read it, so much so my dad looked out for it in the shops for me!

so, what’s it about?

the initial idea of his book was to comment on common views and issues arising within the ‘woke’ culture, particularly amongst millennials and individuals identifying themselves as vegan, liberals, ‘wokies’ etc. I got a bit muddled with that bit to be honest. anyway, he draws upon personal topics about gender; why the world is afraid to speak out against controversial topics and tiptoe around taboo subjects; afraid of hurting people’s feelings.

I understand this – the world has changed SO MUCH during the past few years alone, particularly with the immersive, inescapable world of (social) media we are surrounded with, accessible at the touch of a button on our phones.

however, he also happened to start writing it during the emergence of a certain coronavirus in Wuhan, with citizens being confined to their homes as the city remained on lockdown. oh my, reading those bits makes oneself aware of how it is so easy to over look the small things, wanting to somehow go back in time to scream and shout about how big they are now.

he reminds us how he asked and prodded the government on GMB and his social media, over and over again, whether the UK was prepared for it.

‘of course’, they said. again, oh my.

the advice: ‘wash your hands’. (:

Morgan continues to speak about the golden globes, relating back to the hypocritical, ‘woke’ culture of using such platforms to preach, yet not do as they say i.e. protect the planet, yet fly in by private jet.

a common theme is referring to prince harry and meghan. I will leave my comment right there…

and then there are some slight uplifting moments, such as clapping for the nhs, and watching sir captain tom Moore raise well over £30million before his 100th birthday. what an achievement, best wishes to his family.

he writes about A LOT of controversial topics within the book (and online every day), which is mad considering it only covers January to June 2020. since its publication in October 2020, yet even more has happened. who knows if he has been keeping updates since then too?

I would say if you’re thinking of reading this, have an open mind, whether you like the guy or not. in other words, be liberal (which he describes himself as), and read it by considering the facts and taking his view with a pinch of salt.

it is fascinating. controversial views from a journalist not afraid to seek the truth from others when it matters most. I’m still waking up…

keep an eye out for more of what I’ve been reading!

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