For the planet and your wallet.

for some this may be a TMI subject, but I think it is important that we talk about these kinds of topics more often to avoid such stigmas. this little accomplice has become a very handy part of my life every month, saving me a lot of money and ultimately, waste, in between.

let’s plunge right in… sorry

firstly, what is a menstrual cup? the one I use is from BeYou, although there are various other brands out there on many websites. it is a silicone, bell shaped reusable device that collects menstrual fluid by sitting up against the cervix.

this investment cost me back about £15 and comes with a small, discreet bag: a great investment in my eyes, considering how much we spend on sanitary products monthly (thankfully some supermarkets are paying tax on these goods! #equality), the cup can be washed and reused again for your next cycle, making it worth every penny and cheaper for the long term.

the bonus is, whilst you’re saving money, you’re saving the amount of waste.

i will admit it took me some getting used to, but please do not be disheartened! practise with the cup (after cleaning it!) before your time of the month to familiarise how to get the cup in and out. it will feel a little unnatural at first, but patience and practise pays off.

i’ve found that whilst it saves me money and reduces waste, it minimises the amount i have to carry around with me in my bag, needing to only use a tissue and a little water to clean it out the next time. I am SUCH a convert and wish i knew about it sooner – did you know they were developed at the same time as tampons in the 1930s?! cups just haven’t had the same amount of marketing as tampons. during a time where climate change is greater, i think it is an appropriate time to be considering the impact we are ALL having on the planet, by doing our small bit.

what am i trying to say? TRY IT OUT! and if you don’t like it, at least you tried. if you did and are a convert like me – even better! think of the billions of other women out there who you can inform. think about the amount of waste we could reduce. remember, this is something out of our control that happens every month – we are only human after all, so let’s try and minimise what we can. think what we could be saving if many more women did the same! 🙂

– long term investment –
– discreet –
– save money –
– reduce waste –
– reusable –

Click to find out how you can minimise waste on the planet each month!


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