podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past few years, particularly over the course of the pandemic as we have a little bit more time for ourselves.

i have become an avid fan of listening to them, whether that be whilst i’m getting ready, doing housework, light uni study or even when on a run. you may be looking for some to get into – sometimes it is about finding the right one – or maybe you’re looking for something new.

here are my current top picks (you will see there is a theme!):

the james smith podcast

his no-nonsense attitude and language may be offensive to some listeners, but his judgements are fair, blunt and what society needs to hear! cutting through them snowflakes… the #fairpoints episodes are particularly funny as he discusses controversial matters with his mates sonny webster, ferris lamrabet + diren kartal. they discuss health, fitness, relationships, racism, drinking culture and pop culture to name a few.

at home with… lily and anna

a feel-good podcast where influencers lilypebbles and theannaedit go to other people’s houses to discuss their interiors, as well as talk about what they’re up to and how they’ve got to where they are.

table manners with jessie ware (and her mum)

a VERY popular podcast known by many. each week, singer jessie ware sits down with her mum where they invite a celebrity into their home and cook for them (or in this case during covid, a nice zoom chat). past guests include sam smith, richard curtis, mel b, cheryl, ed sheeran, sadiq khan….. VERY binge-worthy if you’re yet to catch up!

happy mum happy baby – giovanna fletcher

i do not have a baby, however i find this very insightful into pregnancy and being a mum in general. it is so uplifting to hear giovanna have created a community for these women where they can discuss taboo subjects that are otherwise not talked about in school or openly enough. who knows, it could be setting me up for the future?! [maybe another 15 years of being selfish for me first….]

happy place – fearne cotton

an insight into mental health amongst various celebrities with presenter fearne cotton, who herself opens up about her mental health struggles, as explored in her book of the same name. includes celebrities: alicia keys, george ezra, phillip schofield, matt haig, lena headey…

the health code – sarah’s day

youtuber sarah’s day speaks on the podcast with her fiancé kurt about all kinds of topic, particularly surrounding health and wellness, as well as random topics!

david tennant does a podcast

actor david tennant speaks with other actors and celebrities about their careers and life and how they got to where they are. includes guests: olivia colman, sir ian mckellen, catherine tate, jodie whittaker, james corden, michael sheen

delicious ways to feel better – deliciously ella

the successful brand owner speaks with various experts regarding health and wellness, from gut to mental health and the planet. she also speaks with her husband matt on a few episodes, where they discuss the journey of their brand.

feminists don’t wear pink – scarlett curtis

following her successful book titled under the same name, the journalist and activist interviews other like-minded women to discuss what feminism means to them, as well as talk with those who published short essays in her book. my favourites are saoirse ronan, zoe sugg and keira knightley.

hope these recommendations help you discover something new and help you learn or interact with something new in your spare time.

what are you listening to?

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