This may be somewhat delayed, however I thought it would be good to suggest some nearby places to visit during this strange time (or all year round), as well as use it as an excuse to post some lovely pictures!

At the start of the year I managed to visit Virginia Water in Northern Surrey, a picturesque area dotted with ponds, ducks and pretty landscapes to walk alongside.

When my family and I went, it was very busy yet so peaceful when you managed to get some space.

It appears to be popular with runners and cyclists, as well as families. It’s a great place to meet friends and even walk the dog – I managed to see a litter of baby pugs (i love pugs)!

There is a calm waterfall, a perfect place to capture some pics.

I was pretty pleased with this pic…hi swan
We ended up at the Visitor Centre which was filled with all sorts of goodies and trinkets, including a café.

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